Ofcom discuss Pocket Spacecraft

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Ofcom discuss Pocket Spacecraft

On Wednesday, November 26, Michael Johnson M0MJJ discussed the licensing of thousands of Pocket Spacecraft with the UK communications regulator Ofcom.

The plan is that a 3U CubeSat will carry Pocket Spacecraft known as ‘Scouts’ to the Moon. A ‘Scout’ is a disk with flexible electronics, smaller than a CD, containing a transceiver, antenna and solar cells. The CubeSat should first release a batch of the wafer thin Scout satellites into Earth orbit and then deploy another batch of the Scout satellites into Lunar orbit.

It is understood the mission plans to use the 435 MHz and 2400 MHz bands.

Pocket Spacecraft


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via Ofcom discuss Pocket Spacecraft.


Fascinating concept to put miniature “Scout” satellites into a lunar orbit. The wafer thin pocket spacecraft will contain an antenna, transceiver, and solar cells.  The “Scouts” will use the 435 MHz and 2400 MHz amateur radio bands for communications.

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