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Cook Islands special 1×1 callsign

Andy, E51AND, says: “Cook Island’s RESIDENT hams will be allowed a special 1×1 callsign in the form E50x for use during the 50th anniversary of Self Governance in 2015.

Visitors to the island will be issued a callsign in accordance with current practice in the form E51xxx. The special call is available for use at the operator’s discretion ONLY during the period January 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2015.”

Andy adds, “There are only 7 resident licensed hams in the entire country – 15 TINY islands in 2.25 MILLION square kilometres of the Pacific!”

Look for the following callsign to be active [no licenses issued yet, but they have verbal confirmation and expect the licenses next week]:

In the North Cooks Islands:

E50W – Warwick Latham, E51WL, on Penrhyn Atoll AKA Tongareva Atoll

(OC-082). Warwich is manly active on 6 and 10m and 10m WSPR.

In the South Cooks Islands:

E50A – Andy Duncan, E51AND, on Rarotonga Island (OC-013). He has

160-10 meters capability and operates on SSB and QRS CW.

Andy is hoping to make at least one portable operation during the year either to Palmerston Atoll (OC-124) or Pukapuka Atoll (OC-098). Both are difficult and expensive to reach (esp Puka) with VERY uncertain in/out transportation . . . . RSGB IOTA will be notified if it comes together.

E50B – Bob Walker, E51BQ, on Rarotonga Island (OC-013); SSB.

E50D – Desmond Clarke, E51DD, on Aitutaki Island (OC-083). Des’

antennas were recently destroyed in a Category 5 Cyclone, but he hopes to be on the air in the New Year with a Butternut vertical mainly on the low bands.

E50J – Jim Ditchburn, E51JD, on Rarotonga Island (OC-013); SSB.

E50K – Kat Cheval, E51CK/E51KC, the only resident YL on Rarotonga

Island (OC-013); SSB. Kat is rarely on due to the “instant on” and overwhelming pile-ups she routinely experiences — multiplied exponentially when a YL gets on the air. Kat is also the XYL of Andy, E51AND.

E50V – Victor Rivera, E51CG, on Rarotonga Island (OC-013). Activity will be on SSB; he does have 6 meters capability.

ADDED NOTES: Andy, E51AND, states [edited], “NONE of the residents are DXers/Contesters, but rather more ‘rag chewers’ LOL — and none of us (except possibly E50W) have digital mode capability — so be patient with us!!! LOL… It is noteworthy that the islands are VERY isolated, internet bandwidth is VERY limited and very expensive, and tech support unheard of . . . . so, at the moment, none of us use LoTW or eQSL — though I (Andy) am working on getting DX Lab up and running and connecting to LoTW — sure could use an Elmer though!!!! LOL — IF I can make it work, E50A and E50K will have LoTW and eQSL capability at some time in the New Year.”


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This could be an exciting radio adventure for both the seven licensed hams on these tiny islands and the thousands of worldwide hams trying to reach them.  As the article points out, none of the amateur radio operators in the Cook Islands is a contester or has access to high speed internet. So, each contact must be done the old fashioned way–listen, listen, listen, and then call.  The temporary call signs will be used between 01 January-31 December 2015, commemorating the 50th anniversary of self-governance.  Good luck!

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