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EP6T Iran – Kish Island DXpedition

The Rockall DX Group has been very busy the past few weeks and by the looks of it you have been too!

Thanks in advance to all the clubs and especially to the Northern

California DX Foundation for your confidence in the EP6T project!

The individual donor list is growing longer each day, that made us decide

to send a direct QSL card for contacts made with EP6T to all individual

contributors without any cost.

Meanwhile, Dr. Azim Fard, General Director of Radio Frequency Planning

and Licensing of the C.R.A in the Islamic Republic of Iran has given this

project a real boost. Sixty students have already passed their ham radio

exams with flying colors and will be able to receive an EP call in the

near future. 160m and 30m are not allocated to amateur radio service in

Iran, but Dr. Fard allowed us to use these bands during the EP6T Dxpedition. Unfortunately 6m shall not be used. This band is allocated to fixed, mobile and broadcasting services.

It’s fantastic to see such a high level of interest towards this project,

but on the other hand we are concerned by the small time frame in which we can work NA. Propagation predictions made for us by K6TU, tells us that the path from Iran to North America is very difficult. In contrast to other continents, the NA openings are of short duration and the signals on various frequencies are extremely weak. On low bands it might be possible that signals from W6, 7 are arriving over the long path.

Stu’s predictions will be the guiding principle for our beam direction,

but this will not be enough to get a fair continental balance.

We will keep this in mind in order to prepare a plan and to share this

with the DX community so everyone knows in advance what the appropriate time is to contact us. By doing so, YOU will hopefully give us the opportunity to work with other continents during “their opening”.

We will do our best by all means to revert your feedback to our pilots

to fit our plan the best way possible.

QRX, more info available soon on http://www.Rockall.be.

The Rockall DX Group

via EP6T Iran – Kish Island DXpedition | Southgate Amateur Radio News.


Thanks to the support of the Northern California DX Foundation and Dr. Azim Fard, General Director of Radio Frequency Planning in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the EP6T DXpedition to Kish Island is on schedule. Dr. Fard says 60 students have passed their licensing exams and are ready to operate the Kish Island amateur radio station with their own EP call signs.  Propagation to the United States could be difficult, but it’s worth a try to snag this fairly rare country on the amateur radio bands.  Good luck to everyone!

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