Classified ads you may have missed in the January 2015 QST – KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog

Classified ads you may have missed in the January 2015 QST

December 13, 2014 by Dan, KB6NU.

For a while there, the classified ad sections in ham magazines were getting kind of sparse. After all, it makes little sense to sell your used gear   through a classified ad in QST when it’s cheaper and quicker to sell that gear online. Lately, though, I’ve been noticing that the classified ad section in QST has been growing. In the January 2015 issue that I received the other day, there were nearly four columns of ads.

There are a lot of  cool products, services, and organizations who advertise there. Here are some that you might want to look up in the January issue:

Antique Wireless Association (AWA). I belonged to the AWA for a while, and found them to be a great organization. I enjoyed getting their newsletter, and they run a museum in upstate NY that I’d like to visit one of these days.

Southern Appalachian Radio Museum. I used to have a friend who lived in Asheville, NC, where this museum is located, and I have actually visited this museum the last time I was in Asheville, which was at least five years ago. I enjoyed my visit then, and I’m sure the museum’s gotten even better since then.

HamRadioKids.Com. This is the first time I’ve seen the ad for HamRadioKids.Com. According to their website, “Ham Radio is a program of Albert Partlow Science Foundation. Our mission is to support the science departments of small and underprivileged schools.” It certainly seems like a mission worth supporting. I just wish they had more “case studies” on their website.

These are the ads that caught my eye this month. If I’ve left off one of your favorites, please comment below.

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via Classified ads you may have missed in the January 2015 QST – KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog.


Dan Romanchik (KB6NU) always has something interesting in his amateur radio blog.  This article is no exception.  Dan believes you can learn a lot about what’s new in Amateur Radio by reading the classified ad in “QST”, the journal of the ARRL.  He cites three ad campaigns that are worth further attention:  The Antique Wireless Association, The Southern Appalachian Radio Museum, and  Happy hunting!

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