Keynote Convention Speech of FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate (KK4INZ) now available on YouTube. Post #4484.



The 18 July 2014 keynote speech of FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate (KK4INZ), at the ARRL National Convention in Hartford, Connecticut, has been posted on You Tube (

Article excerpt:

Fugate spoke before some 800 guests at the Friday evening convention banquet.  Earlier that day, he and ARRL President Kay Craigie (N3KN), signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) aimed at enhancing cooperation between the League and FEMA in the area of disaster communication.  In his remarks at the banquet, Fugate said that before he even became FEMA administrator, it became clear to him that Amateur Radio could support ad hoc and innovative communication without relying on conventional telecommunications systems.

Fugate asserted that “The more sophisticated our systems become, the more fragile they become.”  He emphasized the need for resiliency in communication systems, adding, “The relevancy of ham radio only grows…Amateur Radio is taking that hobby and turning it into saving lives.” Fugate recently upgraded to General Class.  After Fugate’s address, President Craigie presented him with the ARRL Medal of Honor.



Fugate’s remarks are more than a pep talk or an “attaboy” letter from a military commander. They are a challenge to all amateur radio operators to “step up to the plate” and assume a more active role in providing emergency communications for local, state, and national agencies, including FEMA.  We must get trained, practice communications procedures, and learn to handle traffic by all permitted modes.  There are several courses  offered by FEMA and the ARRL that will bring you up to date on the latest procedures.  It might also be a good idea to get certifications from the American Red Cross.

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