SatNOGs wins Hackaday Prize

Page last updated on: Saturday, November 15, 2014

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SatNOGs wins Hackaday Prize

The open-source amateur satellite tracking project SatNOGS has won the Hackaday 1st prize and an amateur radio SDR won 3rd prize

Six months ago Hackaday challenged their readers to realize the future of open, connected devices, The prize was a ticket to travel into space.

The winners were announced at the Electronica trade show in Munich on November 13.

The SatNOGs project is a thrilling example of the benefits of a connected world. It opens up the use of satellite data to a much wider range of humanity by providing plans to build satellite tracking stations, and a protocol and framework to share the satellite data with those that cannot afford, or lack the skills to build their own tracking station.

The hardware itself is based on readily available materials, commodity electronics, and just a bit of 3D printing.

SatNOGS ground station

Read the Hackaday article at

Ham Radio in Hackaday Prize Finals


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via SatNOGs wins Hackaday Prize.


Congratulations to those who developed affordable systems to monitor and track satellites.  The SatNOG project also developed protocols for the world-wide sharing of satellite data and helped built inexpensive tracking stations for those who could not afford them.

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